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Because we live here too. Windermere Cares. This year's non-profit benefit is the Riverside School of the Arts who teaches kids about music, art and dance. Help us support this great community asset.

Because we live here too.
Windermere Cares.

The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is the simplicity in design.

Windermere Tower Properties is committed to giving back to our community and we are partnering with the Riverside School of the Arts as this year’s community project.


Riverside School of the Arts, located at the Cesar Chavez Community Center, offers affordable classes and scholarships in music, dance, and art to ensure all children, regardless of background, have a well-rounded education.

Since its inception earlier this year, through predominately volunteers, the school has grown to enroll over 500 students. 


The children in our community are our future leaders, and if we don’t do anything to help keep these programs alive our beautiful city would be in a much different place. Riverside is the City of Arts & Innovation and in that spirit we would like to challenge our community. Join our efforts to provide the resources to allow this school to continue to flourish and inspire.

Dance Classes at the Riverside School of the Arts

For some children, learning to dance is a dream come true, and the Riverside School of Arts gives those children, who are underprivileged, a chance to pursue that passion. The California Riverside Ballet is one of those who lends a helping hand by donating cloths, ballet shoes, and training.

Music Classes at the Riverside School of the Arts

Voice, Keyboard, and Guitar and the some of the new skills and exposure kids receive from the school that they may not find elsewhere. While the school operates on a shoe-string-budget, it develops creative ways to fund programs. One example of this is their solicitation of musical instruments using social media.

Art Classes at the Riverside School of the Arts

Even when children paint an apple purple or color a tree red, giving them an opportunity to exercise their creative muscles allows for a well rounded education. The fee for all classes at the Riverside School of the Arts is small and full scholarships are available for the students who need them.

Our agents have made a commitment to give a donation for every home we sell to help make sure this school remains open and continues to thrive. Join us and find out how you too can help this school continue to benefit our community.

Vote to Save this School

Because we live here too. Windermere Cares.